green grass..

6 09 2009

Bugünkü ziyaretimden sonra bütün gün dinlediğim şarkı… iyi geliyor.. dinlemek isteyenlere Green Grass by  Tom Waits

Lay your head where my heart used to be, hold the eart above me
Lay down in the green grass, remember when you loved me
Come closer don’t be shy, stand beneath a rainy sky
The moon is over the rise, think of me as a train goes by
Clear the thistles and brambles, whistle ‘Didn’t He Ramble’
Now there’s a bubble of me and it’s floating in thee
Stand in the shade of me, things are now made of me
The weather vane will say… It smells like rain today
God took the stars and he tossed ’em, can’t tell the birds from the blossoms
You’ll never be free of me, he’ll make a tree from me
Don’t say good bye to me, describe the sky to me
And if the sky falls, mark my words, we’ll catch mocking birds




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